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Memorial Garden

Sands Memorial Garden, Kingsdown Crematorium,
Kingsdown Ln, Swindon SN25 6SG

It is particularly hard for anyone that has suffered the loss of a little one if there is no special place for remembrance. With this in mind our big project in 2010 was to create our very Swindon Sands memorial garden at Kingsdown Crematorium. It is a beautiful tranquil setting and is a perfect spot to be alone with our thoughts and memories and pay tribute to our very special babies that will be forever in our hearts.

Memorial Baby Statue

The garden is in the shape of the Sands eye logo, with a commissioned statue in the centre, and benches around the edges. There is also a large shrub border at the rear of the garden where people can plant something personal to them and the little one that they have lost. Please take a look at our original plan for the garden (click on the image below).

Memorial Garden Plan

Creating a Memory Pebble

The white border around the garden is a place where you can lay a pebble in memory of your little one. Pebbles should be a reasonable size, painted using acrylic paints and coated with PVA glue to make them weatherproof. Please be mindful of the pebbles already placed in the garden. We keep a collection of pebbles near the entrance to the garden, and you are welcome to take one of these to paint. Please only lay pebbles in the garden, as we must follow the rules of the crematorium, and other items may not be permitted.

We've had loads of support that has enabled us to make the garden a reality. Not only have members of the group been fundraising hard, but a number of local and national companies have donated materials, or given us substantial discounts. In particular we would like to thank:

Thank you all for your continuing support!

About Us

Our local group is made up of mums and dads who have all lost little ones at various stages, either during pregnancy or soon after birth. Some have lost several years ago and others very recently. The heartache of having to say goodbye to a much loved and wanted baby, can never be truly understood unless you have been through it.

Getting involved with the group means that no one has to face this difficult journey alone and there will always be people around who understand.

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